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Products for floor washing and dusting
SANYMOP - Innovative disposable system for floor washing

The innovative disposable cloth SANYMOP has been designed after a careful analysis of the procedures usually followed in healthcare environments, characterized by some levels of criticality in the floor cleaning cycle....... read more
SANYMOP BIO - Disposable biodegradable mop for floor washing

The innovative SANYMOP BIO follows a higher and higher sensitivity towards a lower environmental impact.
Starting from the experience of Sanymop, EFFEPROFESSIONAL has implemented a disposable mop that, besides ...... read more
SANYMOP MICROFIBRA - New microfiber disposable mop for floor washing
The innovative SANYMOP MICROFIBER follows the higher demand for microfiber mops able to maintain the same usage features of the previous products........ read more

Manual biodegradable disposable products for patient units
WINMOP BIO - Disposable mop, specific for patient unit cleaning

The disposable WINMOP BIO is specially designed to avoid the mop procedure, used within hospital rooms, named “color code”. Usually traditional mops have to follow a color code in order to highlight their use ....... read more

Specific disks for deep and daily cleaning
DISCOGUM - Natural rubber cleaning disk

DISCOGUM is indispensable for the deep cleaning of stoneware, polished stoneware, clinker and micro-porous floors in general. Its particular closed-cell structure allows a micro-aspiration of dirt from floor porosity. DISCOGUM ...... read more
SECTOR LIGHT - Natural rubber and microfiber cleaning disk.

SECTOR LIGHT is expressly studied for the maintenance and the ordinary and/or daily washing of all floor types: stone, resilient, ligneous, composite (both au naturel and processed), independently from the type of protection. SECTOR LIGHT ...... read more
MICROCLEAN - Microfiber cleaning disk

MICROCLEAN is indicated to wash floors in ceramic stoneware, single-fired tiles, ceramics and, in general, all glazed  floors where a microaspiration action is not necessary. They are available in all sizes, both in inches and in centimeters....... read more
MONOCLEAN - Washing cloth for impregnation systems

Thanks to its composition, MONOCLEAN guarantees a rapid impregnation, with a very high absorption capacity: about 10 times its dry weight. MONOCLEAN can be used ...... read more

SECTORGUM - Natural rubber and microfiber cleaning disk

SECTORGUM is designed for the deep cleaning of all micro-porous floors - ceramic stoneware, polished stoneware, clinker, single-fired -  also with non-slip finishes. Its particular closed-cell structure combined with the microfiber allows SECTORUM...... read more
SPEEDYCLEAN - Microfiber disk for washing and polishing of waxed floors

SPEEDYCLEAN is an innovative disk for the washing and polishing of all waxed floors and it can be used with polishing machines from 800 to 3000 rounds.
SPEEDYCLEAN has a remarkable cleaning action without notching ...... read more
SICURCLEAN - Microfiber washing fringe for impregnation systems

Thanks to its innovative and exclusive composition, SICURCLEAN can absorb about 380 ml of solution, allowing to safely and efficiently wash and sanitize the surface. The very high absorption capacity of SICURCLEAN guarantees ...... read more
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